Baby not taking external milk

My baby is 1 year old. How do i start giving him external milk and which milk should be give. He said no to the bottle. Does take milk with a tumbler but does not sleep without my feed. Please suggest how to motivate him to take external milk?


Baby not taking external milk

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  1. Hi Shreya and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.You can give full cream milk to your baby without dilution.Continue with breast feeding once or twice a day.If he is not taking top milk with bottle you may give with sipper or a small tumbler.Give him meals cooked at home.A 1 year old child should be taking 2-3 meals a day containing cereals,fruits and veggies.He should take at least 350-500 ml milk per day.Try new foods but in small amounts.Give him meals when he is hungry.Do not give breast milk when he is hungry.If he continues to take only breast milk then he may not gain weight and become anaemic.Praise him when he eats anything,make him sit with all family members for dinner.I hope this information helps you.Keep us posted with more queries.Best wishes and luck!
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    Thanku for the information. He is taking all his meals properly but while sleeping he keeps on crying till the time i feed him. He is not taking bottle tumbler spoon and all other means for external milk. At night time also he wakes up 2 3 times for feed.. How do i
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    Make him feed external milk in this case
  4. Hi Shreya and nice to hear back from you.It will be difficult initially to switch over from breast milk to bottle feeds or feeding by tumbler because baby has become used to breast feeds.Start by giving him external milk in day time by tumbler or sipper.Till that time continue giving breast feeds in night but not during day time.Once baby starts accepting external milk in day time try doing it in the night.Baby might cry,be unsatisfied initially but will soon start taking external milk in night.It may take few days to few weeks in the switch over process.Keep patience and relax.Take care and regards!
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    Thank you :)