Baby not enjoying other food than breast feed.

My baby is 6 and half months old. He was exclusively on breast feed till 5 and a half months. I have started giving him external food now but he does not relish anything else except breast milk. I feel he remains hungry because my feed is not sufficient for him. What to do how to make him enjoy other food? And how much food is required for a 6 months old baby?


Baby not enjoying other food than breast feed.

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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us on Medimetry.Few babies may take time to start eating solid foods.Do not worry.It will happen at its own time.Its correct that a baby after 6 months needs top feeds and supplementary food in addition to breast feeds.His body needs for food increases.You may try giving your baby suji halwa,mashed ripe banana,mashed dal rice,soups and fruit juices.Try to identify whether your baby likes salted food or sweet food.Introduce only one new food at a time and every week.Start with a single spoon and then gradually increase.Every baby needs different amount of food and it varies. You will understand your baby's food needs gradually as he starts accepting top feeds and solid foods.Go slow.Keep me posted.Take care and best wishes!