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    Symptoms of cold at this age is mostly due to excess nasal mucus/drying and blockade. As smaller babies has narrower nasal passage and prone to get blocked easily. Babies present with symptoms of noisy breathing, breathing trough mouth, interrupted feeding, snoring sounds or sneezing.
    Treatment is aimed to clear the nasal passage and preventing it getting blocked.
    Nasal saline drops/spray is used most commonly to clear nose. These are to be used before feeding as frequent as required. If you find that secretions are copies or thick then using mucus bulb nasal aspirator will help removing them.
    To prevent, use of steam in room especially in winter will keep humidity to better level. This helps keeping nasal passage moist as well as clearing the dried mucus.
    Use of Vaporub or eucalyptus oil should be avoided in babies less then 1 year of age.
    Over the counter cough cold medicines should not be used without prescription of doctor.

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