Baby is not gaining weight

My baby is 7 months old, I feed cerelac twice a day but she isn’t gaining weight. People suggested that i should give her rice mixed with cerelac prepared in a grinder. Will this help? Should I give her more cerelac or change her food? Please help me.


Baby is not gaining weight

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  1. Hello and welcome to Medimetry.What is your baby's age and how much Cerelac do you feed?What was your baby's birth weight and present weight?It will be really helpful and appreciable if you share these details for me to answer your queries.I sincerely hope this helps you.Take care and best wishes!
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    My girl is 7 months. She was 3.5kg at birth and last month she weigh 7 kgs. I feed 2 scoop of cerelac twice a day.
  3. Hi Kim and nice to hear back from you.At 7 months your baby should be getting breast milk as it is still important at this age.Babies should be taking 8 ounces of solid foods between 2-3 meals during a day.Your baby has just started solids so start slowly.The suggested foods for babies at this age are cereals and grains like rice,oats.Fruits like apples,bananas,mangoes,vegetables like carrots,green peas along with dairy products like milk and yoghurt.I would suggest you to give home made khichdi,mashed dalrice instead of Cerelac.You may mix soft cooked veggies and fruits along with khichdi.Please try to include a small portion of all foods suggested by me.This ensures he's taking suffucient nutrients in his diet.Start slow and in small quantities.If baby is active,playful you need not worry.If in spite of taking adequate meals baby doesn't gain weight see a Paediatrician and get baby examined.Hope this information helped you.Keep us posted.Take care and best wishes!