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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us.If a baby is unable to cry or cough there is a possibility that the baby is having blockage in the airway.In this situation it's best to take baby to Emergency room in a hospital.Till that time place baby faceup on one forearm holding back of his head with that hand.Place the other hand and forearm on his front.The baby's head should be lower than his chest.With the heel of your hand deliver five firm and distant back blows between the baby's shoulder blades and try to dislodge the object.If baby becomes unconscious you may need to do CPR.Open his mouth and see if you are able to visualise the object.If you can see remove it with little finger.Give him two rescue breaths.If there is no chest rise do 30 chest compressions.Look in mouth and see if you can see object now.This may be difficult for a nonmedical person to do.It is best to take baby to an Emergency care in a hospital.Hope this helps you.Keep us posted.