Baby irritated as not pass motion.

Hi, My 2 months old baby girl doesn’t passes motion regularly. Usually she pass motion after 5-6 days, However she urinate normally after small intervals. Due to long gap in poop, she irritates and keep crying. As of now, she takes breastfeed only. When we consulted Pediatrician locally, he advised to feed small amount of sugar powder/Glucon D with Milk/Water, but doesn’t see any significant difference with this. Please help on this. Also, Pls let me know what should I eat/drink in order to have baby motion regular.


Baby irritated as not pass motion.

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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.A breast fed baby nay pass stools 4-5 times a day or occasionally after 5-6 days.As you mentioned your baby passes stools every 4-5 days and is uncomfortable, she may need a stool softener which can be prescribed only after a clinical assessment.In severe cases of constipation glycerin suppository may be advised by doctor.Continue with breast feeding and burping after feeds.If this problem of constipation is persistent baby may need to be investigated to rule out underlying medical conditions like hypothyroidism,food allergies ,any metabolic disorders or Hirshsprung's disease.I hope this information helps you.Keep us posted with more queries.Take care and stay healthy.