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    Nearly 97% of the babies come out head-first. A breech baby means that your baby is positioned such that he/she is poised to come out buttocks or feet first.There are different positions in breech,
    - Frank Breech - Bottom first with feet up near the head.
    - Complete Breech - Bottom first with legs crossed Indian-style
    - Footling Breech - One or both feet are poised to come out first

    If your baby is in breech at 32 weeks, chances are that he/she will come out of that position on its own. Your doctor will recommend you to wait for your baby to turn on its own till 37th week and re-evaluate your baby's position again then. Your doctor might recommend a procedure, External Cephalic Version (ECV). In this procedure, pressure is applied to abdomen and your doctor will try to manually manipulate your baby's position into favorable head-down position. Make sure your confirm that your doctor is experienced in this procedure.
    This procedure has about 58% success rate in turning breech babies. ECV is more likely to work in your second baby.

    Certain exercises can also be tried carefully if you do not have backache, abdominal pain or h/o bleeding -
    1. Knee chest position for 10 to 15 min three times a day
    2. Crawl on your hands and knees for 15 min a day
    3. Best and safest is walking for 30 min a day.
    4. Try floor mopping with your hands.
    Best results are seen when baby is also active and you perceive fetal movements.

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