Baby having cold and rashes.

Hello Doctor, My baby having cold, who is 5 months old. His symptoms are wet cough and mucus in throat, stuffy nose, red rashes in both cheeks. Lack of appetite (breastfeed and formula), lack of sleep and fussiness. Additionally when he cries he is touching his one ear and rubbing it and have no fever.

Baby having cold and rashes.

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  1. Hello and thanks for writing to us on Medimetry.From the symptoms shared by you it seems your baby is having an upper respiratory tract infection most probably viral.Nasal saline drops will help to unblock the nose.Apply 1-2 drops to each nostril 15 minutes before a feed.You may use a humidifier on the room where your baby sleeps.These will help to keep the mucus thin and moving and will help baby breathe more easily.Touching one ear and being fussy can be an indication of ear infection.I suggest that you get the baby examined.Keep me posted.Good day!