Baby having red rashes

Hi my baby girl is going to be of six months this weekend. I started her weaning food. I have her wheat cerelac mixed in my breastfeed. She had it since two days. Moreover , she was having productive cough and I used home remedy since two days. Put one garlic piece in hot mustard oil, after cooling put one drop of oil in both ears. Her cough is okay. The thing to worry is that my baby having red rashes on her arm which was about two or three first. But now it appeared on both arms as well as on back of head. Do tell me is it wheat allergy or due to use of oil in summer weather? I gave her grated apple too?


Baby having red rashes
Family Physician

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  1. Hello,
    I have read your query and can understand your concern.
    It seems that allergy is due to mustard oil.
    Please do not repeat that ever again as it can only cause harm and not good.
    I would suggest you to give her antiallergic syrup like phena kid as per her body weight, this will help her with allergy as well as cough.
    If it doesn't settle in a day or 2, kindly get her examined by a paediatrician.
    Hope this helps,
    Take care!