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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us.What feed is your baby on?Exclusive breast feeding or top feeds?
  2. It is quite normal for babies at this age to pass motion either 5-6 times a a day or not pass stools for 3-4 days.Do not worry.The chances of constipation are more in formula fed babies compared to those on breast milk.Breast milk acts as a natural laxative.If your baby is accepting feeds,not having abdominal colic or distension and is comfortable I don't think you should worry.Continue with burping after feeds and breast feeding.If you feel your baby is not comfortable ,fussy then it's best to get baby examined.In that case he may need a suppository or a laxative.Hope this helps you.Please keep us posted Good day!
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    Only breast feeding madam.&thank u..
  4. Thank you for writing back.Do not worry baby will pass stools.If baby doesnt pass motions in next few days do visit a doctor.Take care!