Baby having indigestion problem.

Since last 15 days my 9 month old daughter having indigestion problem and not able to digest anything. Whatever she is eating that is coming with mucus. Doctor told it is stomach infection. But now mucus is not coming but for the last 2 days one drop of blood is coming with stool. Kindly advice.


Baby having indigestion problem.

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  1. Hello and welcome to Medimetry.The colour of blood,amount,pain in abdomen present on not while passing stools and a detailed examination is necessary for confirming the exact cause of your baby's illness.If blood is bright red in colour then probably the origin of blood is from anus,rectum or lower intestines.If dark red then it is probably due to upper half of digestive tract.Bacterial infections Salmonella and Rotavirus can cause blood in stools.Food allergies and colitis are other possible causes.What feeds is your baby taking?What medications was the baby prescribed?Continue with breast feeds.Antibiotics and probiotics may help in bacterial infections.As you mentioned the amount of blood has decreased but if it persists tests like complete blood count,coagulation studies,chemistry panel may be needed.In advanced cases sonography abdomen and endoscopy is advised by doctors.Please have a frank discussion with your doctor.Give light home made easily digestible food to baby.Write back to us with more details about your baby.Best wishes and take care!