Baby having high hgb level.

I’m having 24 years old with 2 year old breastfed baby. I’ve started to feel complications like headache, weakness, fatigue, weight loss, swelling on leg below the knee & wrist below the elbow. Got hgb test done, hgb level above 11.5. doc rcmndd syrup for iron deficiency and medicine for swelling too. Swelling has controlled but m hvng loose motion on alternate days with gastric problem.


Baby having high hgb level.
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    When trying to avoid major side effects ( like loose motion ) your best bet is to use an iron supplement with a high amount of elemental iron that is easily absorbable.  This means that it does not stay in the digestive tract any longer than necessary causing irritation.  Having a tablet that is slower release can also help to avoid discomfort. The majority of iron comes as salts in the forms of ferric or ferrous iron.  Generally these salts are formulated with other substances to make them more absorbable e.g. amino acids, sulphur, aspartic and citric acid etc.  There is also carbonyl iron that is not a salt, but is pure elemental iron.  This means that it is not bound to another chemical and its small particle size adds to its bioavailability.

    The digestive system only absorbs iron in the ferrous form, so if you see ferric iron you know it has to be converted first before it is usable.  One research paper shows ferrous iron is absorbed three times more readily than the ferric form.

    Vitamin C taken at the same time can help to increase the absorption of iron.  This is why doctors often suggest taking iron supplements with orange juice.  Many iron supplements available often come with vitamin C in the preparations. If you find that your current iron supplement is causing discomfort don’t just write off all iron supplements.  Look for other gentler and more effective forms.  All irons medications are not the same and iron is important for your physical, mental, emotional and immune health and growth.

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