Baby having fever, running nose and dry cough.

Hi, My baby is five months old. she was having fever, running nose and dry cough ten days back. Her doctor prescribed Alex junior (Antitussive ) for five days along with combiflam. Her fever and cold is okay but she is having wet cough with sputum when she sleeps and sometimes during day not every time. Today I asked doctor he suggested syrup levolin( bronchodilator) . I searched on internet that it is prescribed for asthma after two years . Kindly suggest me should I give this medicine or not? If not , then what to do for cough? Moreover she might be teething too because passing stools not taking feed, fussy and not sleeping well . Thanks

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Baby having fever, running nose and dry cough.

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  1. Hi and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.I understand your concern.Levolin is levosalbutamol and is safe for use.It is a very effective bronchodilator.You may use it in prescribed dosage.Do not increase the dose on your own.If there is wheezing along with cough he may need nebulization with Levolin.Regarding teething it is common for infants to have loose stools and being fussy during that time.You may massage gently with clean fingers or a clean cloth on his teeth for 2-3 times few times a day.This will soothe his gums.Give baby exclusive breast feeds.If baby is very fussy and in pain you may give Acetaminophen drops after consulting a doctor.If loose motions increase please consult a doctor. I hope you find this information useful.Keep me posted with more queries.Take care and good day!