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  1. Hello Monika.Thank you for posting us at Medimetry.How much is the fever?How many times did baby vomit?What feeds is baby taking?
  2. What medications is baby on?Give exclusive breast feeds to baby.Viral fever,stomach infection can cause vomiting.Baby will need Acetaminophen drops for fever and antiemetic like domperidone for vomiting.These can be prescribed only after medical examination.If fever vomiting persist baby may need investigations like complete blood counts,urine examination.Get baby reviewed by her Paediatrician.Write back to me with more information.Hope it helped.Take care and best wishes!
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    Thank u Dr.she was having 102 fever then I gave her paracetamol and consulted to Dr.He has given her t-98 drops for fever and domstal baby for vomiting. She is on breast feed and formula feed both.but now fever is normal but still she is vomiting about 2-3 times daily.after fever she is not taking breastfeed properly but taking formula feed 3-4 times a day
  4. Hi Monika nice to hear back from you.If vomiting is not responding to Domstal then it is best to baby reviewed by your doctor.Keep me posted.Take care!
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    Thank u Dr. I have one more query that she is not taking my milk.I m worried abt this.I don't why she is not liking my milk.what can I do for this.I want to feed breastfeed to my baby
  6. Hi Monika.Is your milk sufficient for baby?If milk is insufficient baby may not feed.Latch baby more on the breast so that baby feeds more.Have you been using any deodorant which might be causing baby to stay away from breast?Keep trying.Do not worry.If baby still doesnt feed see a doctor.Take care!