Baby having cold and cough

My baby is 2 and half months old. She is having cold and cough from around 15 days. Dr. has given otrivin nasal drops and cepo dry syrup, sinarest-Af medicines. But she is still having cold and cough. Sometimes she vomits while coughing. We are also not using AC . We use only cooler at night time. Please advice!


Baby having cold and cough

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  1. Hi and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.Vomiting with cough happens because cough triggers gag reflex in infants making them throw up.A child with cold or asthma flare up vomits if lots of mucus drains into the stomach and causes nausea.Your baby may need steam inhalation and nebulization if there is too much of mucus or if there is wheezing .Only a clinical examination can determine if baby needs these things.Please have a frank discussion with your doctor about the non response to medications.Hope it helped.Keep me posted.Take care and good day!