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  1. Hello and thank you for posting at Medimetry.What medications is your baby been receiving for cough cold?Is it blocked nose or running nose?For blocked nose saline nasal drops 2-3 times a day will be helpful.Is cough very severe in intensity?If there is cough since 1 week and not responding then its best to get your baby examined by a Paediatrician.Depending on clinical examination findings baby may need medications,if bacterial infection is suspected antibiotics.WHO recommends Exclusive breast feeding for babies till 6 months of age.Breast milk is a complete food rich in antibodies and helps fight infections.Why do you want to know about top feeds?Is your breast milk not sufficient?If this is the case then I suggest that you can give dal water,rice water ,fruit juices in addition to breast milk. Introduce one thing at a time and give only 2-3 teaspoon to start with.Gradually increase the quantity.Do write back to us with details about your baby's illness.Hope this information helped you.Best wishes and take care!