Baby having blackheads, what to do?

My baby is four and a half months old and I couldĀ see small two three blackheads on his cheeks. I wash his face with himalaya soap and with wet cotton at least thrice a day. Please suggest how to avoid them and is it because of kissing.


Baby having blackheads, what to do?

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    This is called infantile acne. Infantile acne refers to acne that develops at three months of age or later. It is a separate condition from milia, newborn acne or baby acne, which occurs shortly after the baby's birth.
    Typically infantile acne results from the presence of lingering maternal hormones, just as newborn acne or baby acne. Infantile acne is more severe than neonatal or baby acne. Typically babies with infantile acne develop yellow papules on the face, usually on the nose and cheeks. Other types of acne including comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) and pustules also develop.

    The good news is this acne usually spontaneously disappears after about 12 months of age, though in some babies the condition may persist until your baby reaches the age of three. This largely is dependent on genetics. Just like during puberty, the level of testosterone in your child varies in part because of their genetic make up.

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