Baby food chart

My baby is 5 months old, but my breast milk is stopped. So, My baby is very hungry all time. Please give me baby food chart and time table! 1.What kind of food should i give to baby? 2. Can i give him water? 3. How to gain baby weight?4.can you give a  food chart and time table?



Baby food chart

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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.Breast feeding exclusively is ideal till 6 months of age but since milk supply is less you may introduce solids in baby's diet.I suggest you that you still try giving breast feeds along with solids.You may start with soft cooked thinly pureed fruits like banana,apple.Introduce rice and oatmeal cereals.You may give mashed potatoes ,green peas.You may give formula feeds though breast milk would be ideal . Some babies eat more than others depending on individual appetites.Offering a well balanced diet of solid food ensures baby is eating right and has all nutrients in his diet.Your baby should be taking at least 1-3 tablespoons of food at 1 or 2 meals along with breast milk or formula feeds.Banana,potato and adding ghee and sugar to mashed dalrice will give him calories and ensure weight gain.Hope I have answered your question.Please feel free to write back to us again.Good day and take care!
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    Thanks mam
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    Can eating him oatmeal?
  4. Hi and nice to hear back from you.You can give mashed oats one to two teaspoonful a day.Also try other foods recommended by me.Hope it helps you.Write back to us.Good day and regards!
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    What vitamin medicine eating him?and when? Pls give me suggest....
  6. Hello and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.At 5 months age all you need to give baby is breast milk/formula feeds and solids since breast milk has decreased in your case.A baby does not need any vitamins or supplements at present.It is also not safe to give them without a clinical examination and prescription.Continue giving as advised.I sincerely hope it helps.Best wishes and take care!
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    What oil use my baby hair?
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    What oil use my baby skin?
  9. Hello and thank you for writing back to us.You can use any baby oil like coconut oil or olive oil for your baby's hair.Regarding baby skin use any baby moisturising cream like Johnsons available in market.I hope this helps .Keep us posted.Good day@