Baby diet related issues: How to properly feed baby?

My two and half year old  baby was exclusively on ff as i was having very low supply..but after recovery i decided to wean off formula and keep on latching..and now she has gradually reduced the formula intake…
Bt m lil worried cz while doing so her pee count reduces from 15-20+ to 7-8 in a day (including early morning to late night) it normal?? Is she getting proper feed?bottle feed baby


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  1. Hello Kritika.I think you mean 2.5 month old baby ?If baby is sleeping after feeds,is not fussy and is passing urine 7-8 times a day you should not worry.Regarding the adequacy of breast milk you may need to monitor baby's weight every month.At this age baby's gain at least 25-30 gms per day.You may check weight after 15 days.Take good nutritious diet and rest.Be in skin to skin contact with baby most of the time for enhancing breast milk supply.I sincerely hope it helps.Best wishes and take care!