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  1. Hi and welcome to Medimetry.The common causes of excessive crying are ear pain,colic.If baby is crying excessively please check if baby is warm,burped,changed,not wet and dressed comfortably.Colic can be due to food allergies,gas formation.Restrict dairy products in mother's diet for few days and see if it helps.Try rocking the baby,holding baby in different position,singing a song to baby if baby crying excessively.Nucloryl is a sedative and is safe in children.Ideally it should not be prescribed in infants without any specific indication.Other two medications are for colicky pain to be given only when baby has pain.Please discuss with Paediatrician if all these medications are needed for a 2 month old baby.I hope this information helped you.Write back to us again with more queries.Take care and best wishes!
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    Thank u very much for ur advice. It has been of great help. Doc checked for ear infection however there no infection. I will restrict giving nucloryl. I have been having dairy products since 1st month.
  3. Hi and nice to hear back from you.Try avoiding or reducing dairy products in your diet for a week or so and see if that helps in your baby's colic.If problem still persists get baby reviewed.Write back to us.Good day and best wishes!
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    Does colic happen during day time also n she keeps quiet when kept in shoulders other wise cries her lung out
  5. Hi Kamakshi.Its really great to hear back from you.Colic can happen any time of day though commonly seen in night.If taking on shoulder soothes baby thats good.Remember to burp after every feed.Take care and warm regards!
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    Yeah I'm doing it thank u very much for ur advice..
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    U are doing an awesome job thank u very much