Baby colour is dark using dermadew soap. Suggest.

Hello doctor, My son was very fair in colour and good looking skin until he reaches one month. And after that he gradually becomes dark. Now he is 7th month old and I tried so many things but no use. I’ve using dermadew baby soap still his skin is dark in colour. Can suggest me something please?


Baby colour is dark using dermadew soap. Suggest.

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  1. Hello and welcome to Medimetry.Your baby's complexion whether dark or fair is determined by her genes.When a newborn baby is born there is not enough natural pigment which determines the skin colour.This skin colour changes over first few weeks of life.Health and environmental issues affect your baby's health.Give baby breast feeds.Do not worry about the complexion.Dermadew soap is a moisturizing soap.It benefits children with dry skin.Do not use fairness products in children.I would suggest that you keep your child's skin healthy by washing two times with mild baby soap.Wishing your child good health.Take care!