Baby body itchy with worms coming out

Hi Doctor,  I have a 1 and half month old baby.  He twists and rolls his body every few minutes and making feel baby body itchy.  The skin color grown very dark as suggested by few people, rubbed his back of body with wheat floor and water while bathing.  So small very tiny and like white worms started coming out of his backside of body. Please help me.


Baby body itchy with worms coming out

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  1. Hello and thank you for your question to us Medimetry.If your baby's skin colour is turning black I suggest that you get your baby examined by a dermatologist since it can be due to allergy to some creams,oils or lotions applied to your baby.Avoid application of anything on baby's skin without doctor's advice till this rash and skin colour improves .What feeding is the baby on?It is very unlikely that an exclusively breast fed baby will get worm infestation.Can you please share details about your baby's feeds and if possible a picture of the worm which are coming out?What is the size ,colour of these worms?Looking forward to hear back from you with more information.Write back to us.Best wishes and take care!