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  1. the main cause of azospermia include impaired sperm production ,impaired sperm delivery,lifestyle and environmental exposure.a number of specific conditions can cause problem with sperm
    1 varicocele
    2.understand testis
    3.male hypogonadism
    4.chromosomal defects
    6.hormonal disorder
    7.erectile dysfunction
    8.blockage of epididymis
    9.retrograde ejaculation semen
    11.antisperm antibodies
    14.tobocco smoking/alcohol
    15.exposure to radiation

    for producing high quality sperm eat plenty of fruits and vegetables ,reduce stress ,get regular exercise ,maintain weight ,quit using tobacco ,avoid lubricant during sex ,avoid hot tubs and bath .
    give me full details about your reports first so that I diagnose the problem from following disease and give your proper and best ayurveda medicine so that your problem of azospemia solved and you live healthy sex life .