Asthma problem

Sir, I have asthma problem from 4 years. I have taken all my medicines on time at first year. After 2 years treatment i have stopped that pump and have not used any treatment and not even consulted doctor from 2 years. I haven’t trigger an asthma attack till now. Is it ok to stop the treatment or can i start asthma homeopathy now? I’m also suffering from cold due to climate change, Ii feels like i have sinus too. I use ostrivin 2-3 times a day without that i can’t even sleep. Please help!

Asthma problem

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  1. Hello Gaurav,
    Welcome to Medimetry!!
    Continuous allopathic treatment for asthma is not required. As of now you can take allopathic medicine as required.
    As for routine treatment, you can take homeopathic medicine on a regular basis and you will have a lot of relief from asthma attacks. Do let me know if I can help you with that I can study your case and suggest you the most appropriate homeopathic medicine for your problem.
    Do contact us for more!!