Artery blockage 100% .

I had chest pain last week and went through ECG and followed by angiography. My one artery is 100 percent block. They put stunt in one having blood clot and said other one is fine. What can be done for the complete block ? Is it risky to have one block and rest are good.


Artery blockage 100% .
Family Physician

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  1. Hi. Thanks for posting your query to us at MediMetry.
    I would suggest an ECHO to be done to know the function of different parameters of your heart.
    Please do not be worried and concentrate on your diet and exercise and take your medications regularly.
    As you know stress has a bad effect on your body and cardiac health so do not worry or be stressed regarding anything. Do pranayam or yoga to help you.
    Do post all your reports to us here and I will try to help you in more detail.
    Live healthy!
  2. User
    After how many days after angioplasty, i can go for ECHO
  3. Anytime, ideally many patients get it dond after a month or so.
  4. User
    Thanks you so much for your suggestion
  5. Your welcome Mr Praveen.