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  1. Hi Dr Uday.
    Thank you for posting your query to us at MediMetry.
    Anxiety is a very common condition. It tends to warrant medical attention when it becomes self limiting and doesn't allow you to function to your best.
    I would like to advise certain lifestyle modifications in your case. However if you feel unable to follow this advise or have already done so, please do approach your nearest health centre for prescription for medications.

    In the meanwhile you may consider the following:
    - Whenever you feeling anxious, just take a time out. During this time out from your daily schedule you may consider deep breathing, yoga or meditation of your choice that includes listening to music, watching soothing pictures, funny clips, etc.
    - Do eat healthy nutritious meals at least 5 to 6 times a day. Do not skip meals or eat at irregular timings. You may keep snacks with you. Please cut off smoking, alcohol, caffeine, etc.
    - Exercise daily for 40min or so and try to get a good night's sleep of atleast 7 hours. Keep yourself fit and toned.
    - Write a diary daily to jot down your triggers to stress. You may consider talking to your friends or family about those issues
    - Keep yourself active socially or in the community.

    Please write back to us for any further clarifications. And let us know your blood reports especially thyroid, any self or family history of certain diseases, if you on any medications, trauma in the past, etc.
    Process of healing is a long term process. Do hang in there!

    Live healthy.