Anomaly scan showed no right kidney.

Hi Doctor, I had my anomaly scan at 20 weeks and it took me 3 days to complete due to baby position. But the report says left kidney is seen in left renal fossa. But right kidney not seen in right renal fossa, it is seen low placed. Can you please tell how complex the situation is and I have been asked for reassessment by 23rd week. I am worried about my baby.

Anomaly scan showed no right kidney.
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  1. Incidence of congenital single kidney is one in 1,000 newborns .The kidneys perform functions that are necessary for life. In healthy individuals, the kidneys: produce urine, which removes urea, or liquid waste, from the blood/keep a balance of sodium, potassium, and other chemicals in the blood/supply the hormone erythropoietin, helping red blood cell growth.
    At least one working kidney is needed. Without any kidneys, the body’s waste can’t be properly removed. This accumulation of waste can offset the balance of important chemicals in the blood and be fatal. Babies born with a single umbilical artery and caudal regression syndrome have a higher risk of congenital single kidney. Babies born with congenital single kidney may not have any symptoms at birth. Symptoms of congenital single kidney may not be present until later in life. Absent Kidney found during routine prenatal ultrasounds. When both kidneys are not visualized on ultrasound, prenatal MRI can be used to confirm the complete absence of both kidneys. Once diagnosed, patients of any age with congenital single kidney, need to have their blood pressure, urine, and blood tested annually to ensure the health of the remaining kidney.