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  1. Hello,
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    Thanks for the query.

    I have read your query in detail and yes it seems you have piles.

    I would advise you the following: please read carefully, understand each point and follow strictly. It is you who have to take a proper care and treatment:

    You can try the following method of treatment and you may NOT need surgery.
    High fiber diet.
    Avoid all the foods and beverages and stress-like conditions which gives constipation or any problem related to gastrointestinal system.
    Laxative for softening the stool- never allow the dose too much to cause liquid stools. You can try Liquid Cremaffin plus 2 teaspoonfull to be taken at bedtime (night only).
    Sitz bath- sitting in a tub with warm water. This is the most and very important- to be done just before passing a stool and after passing a stool.
    Clean the area very clear of the fecal soiling that remains after cleaning; use cotton soaked in the same water to clean.
    You can apply liquid povidone iodine locally. Apply nothing else.
    Also take probiotics and multivitamins.
    Avoid stress and mental tensions at any cost; this is a very important factor.

    Per-rectal and proctoscopy examination by a General Surgeon to get the exact cause/causes is also very important step. Get this done and give me feedback of the diagnosis told and the effects of the treatment I have suggested.

    I hope this answer helps you.
  2. User
    Can you provide the prescription clearly so that I can get it from medical store
  3. I cannot give you a prescription but you will be able to buy Liquid cremaffin plus and Lignox 2% gel from a pharmacy without a prescription.

    Lignox 2% gel can be applied over piles twice daily.. It will reduce the pain.

  4. User
    How many days will it take to recover.I have small wound only
  5. User
    I need to ask you one more thing I had this pain already before month but I did nothing it went off automatically does it comes and go for an particular period of time
  6. Yes, whenever you strain while passing stools or there is constipation, the pain will be more.
  7. It won't recover completely.. Surgery is the definitive treatment but you can manage it conservatively with high fiber diet and medications.
  8. User
    How much cost surgery would take and after surgery will it cure completely.
  9. It will cost you around 20,000.
    It will be fine after surgery but it may reoccur so if you can manage it conservatively, don't go for surgery.
  10. User
    For how much days I should use this medicine
  11. Use as required but not more than 7 days.
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  13. User
    If it is not piles if it would be an wound which is caused by body heat will this oilment OK
  14. No, I told you that you should get examined by a surgeon for proper management.
  15. User
    Yah I am going for medical checkup tommorow can I control this at beginning itself by tablets and oilment itself
  16. Yes, you will be able to manage it with medications
  17. User
    Does piles naturally comes in gene I mean in my family all of them had piles so us that gene that comes to me also
  18. Yes, piles are hereditary, and if a close relative suffered from them, you may be at a greater risk for developing the condition.
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    Now I feel good after taking medicine and oilment. Wound has decreased I mean size how many days will it take me completely to recover...
  20. It won't go away completely.
  21. User
    When will it get off completely do I need to do surgery
  22. Yes, it will go completely after surgery but it may reoccur.
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    Is there any other way to recover completely without doing surgery
  24. No...don't worry about it... Gradually you will learn to manage it conservatively. You can start tab Pilex 1 daily... It has helped many of my patients.
  25. User
    Himalaya pilex or which company name
  26. Yes, Pilex by Himalaya.
  27. User
    Does it cure completely I am worried so much I can't able to eat food due to this only I am asking doctor
  28. User
    When should I eat that tablet morning or night
  29. You can take it after lunch once daily.
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    Will laser treatment cure piles completely
  31. Yes but none of the treatment can assure you about recurrence.
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    Will internal piles bleed or what are symptoms of internal piles
  33. Internal Piles lie far enough inside the rectum that you can't see or feel them. They don't usually hurt because there are few pain-sensing nerves in the rectum. Bleeding may be the only sign they're there.
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    For me last month I got pimple like wound and after going to doctor and he prescribed me annovate ailment and I applied it and pain has gone but now on inside deep I feel pain only no blood I saw
  35. User
    Head ache Is also a symptom for piles or anal fissure or what
  36. No, headache is unrelated to anal fissure or piles
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    Doc can I take both medicines I mean pilex at afternoon and doctor prescribed me one medicine to take at night t.ornaf
  38. User
    I mean u said me to use pilex tablet daily after lunch and doctor prescribed me t.ornaf daily morning and night so it won't affect right by using these two combination
  39. Do you mean ornof [Ofloxacin ]?
  40. User
    No ornof 700mg
  41. User
    Doc tell me some fluid meals to eat and also can I drink beverages or not
  42. User
    When will I lead an normal life
  43. User
    Because my age is 21 only now itself I got this issue will it cure completely or it comes and also one more thing I am in an job where I need to sit for 8 hours and work so will problem arises again
  44. I can understand your concern but I have already guided you completely.
  45. User
    There is no permanent solution for piles huh
  46. Surgery is the permanent solution but it may reoccur after surgery.
  47. User many percent is the chance to reoccur
  48. That cannot be predicted.
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    Doctor one more thing I am from agricultural background when I am in home I would walk some distance and do some work but now I moved to uncle house located in city for my studies after going there only this problem occurred there I ll be always on bed and before PC and TV will this sudden life change may cause of anal pain and stress there
  50. Yes, sedentary lifestyle predisposes you to piles
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    If I ll be turning to normal way will I be able to recover
  52. Yes
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    Doctor I came to know there are four types of piles that is stages if a piles came to one person and how many days will it take to affect more to the person I mean more pain and can't able to walk and much more symptoms
  54. The days are not fixed, it depends on your lifestyle.
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    Doc I am an pure non vegetarian for past one and and an half month I didn't take non veg
  56. Please clarify clearly about your diet
  57. User
    I am non vegetarian but I left this meat eating due to piles issue now I feel somewhat better so can I eat meat once an month
  58. Yes, you may eat once a month.
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  60. You are welcome!