Am i pregnant ? LMP date was 6th of may .

Iam najma ,I have the symptoms of pcod,then the Dr.suggested for laparoscopy. I did it on may 6 2016.then LMP date comes on June 1. Then no symptoms of menses till yesterday.but today a brownish colour appeared.may i think that pregnancy is going .but now I have any hope for pregnancy

periods 5

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  1. Good evening Najma.Thanks for consulting at Medi Metry.
    Please get your examined for pregnancy.
    If the discharge is brownish take rest and get an USG done as well
    Laparoscopy done as diagnostic procedure or any operative procedure done as well.
    Best wishes.
  2. User
    Dr.I consult dr.last day Dr.prescribed me regestron tablet 1 week.(northendron acetate )what's the speciaity of this tablet.kindly give the reply.
  3. Dear Najma.It is a progesterone derivatve.It is given due to several reasons.Starting from luteal phase support to cause withdrawal bleeding.
    Best wishes.