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    The symptoms you mentioned indicate hypotension. 
    Most commonly this results from causes like any systemic infection, inadequate fluid intake etc. 
    So it will be fine if you can clear few more points on this regard. 

    How long you are having this problem..? 
    Do you have any other symptoms like fever, headache, lassitude,anorexia,body ache, cough, urinary disturbance etc? 
    What about your urine colour- is it clear or high coloured or yellowish most of the times? 
    What is your occupation ? 
    Any other medical illness or drugs you are having? 

    If such underlying causes are ruled out, this just need a regular healthy diet, enough rest, and adequate fluid intake. 

    Hope this answer will help. 
    Kindly follow up . 
    Thank you. 
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    For past 3 - 4 months, I don't have any symptoms of headache,fever. My urine some times yellowish. I'm working in textile field. U had check my eyes and ears for any vertigo but all are normal.
  3. I would suggest you to get your blood pressure checked in lying down and standing position.
    Also you should get completely evaluated by a physician for cerebellum involvement.
    Kindly meet a physician and let me know the findings.