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  1. Hi. Thanks for posting your Medical history on MediMetry.

    From your history, in my opinion, I would like to advise you to kindly stay away from any citrus fruits, foods or drinks. Check any label very carefully before ingesting any of the above foods.
    Also certain individuals also show sensitivity to certain teas, baked goods, face packs, cosmetics, etc.

    Since you will be avoiding citrus foods, please see that you get your Vitamin C from other sources like spinach, broccoli, vitamin C chewable tablets, etc.

    You may carry Tab Avil with you, which is an antihistaminic agent. It will help incase you start getting your allergy symptoms. But please be rushed to any nearest health centre if you develop breathing difficulties or swelling of face.

    Hope I have answered your query. Please do write back for any further clarification.

    Live healthy.
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    Can you give me some tube and medicine
  3. Hi again. Since allergy could be basically explained as a blood related or systemic condition, ointment or any tubes might not help.
    Tab Avil may help initially, but since this condition of allergy could be very dangerous and life threatening, I would suggest you be rushed to the doctor, if you consume by mistake or the symptoms start.
    Live healthy!