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  1. Hi. Thanks for posting your query on MediMetry.
    Regarding the cure for Capsicum allergy, right now the signs and symptoms can be cured by certain medications like antihistaminics, certain steroids and other desensitizing agents.

    In my clinical experience, I have even seen a few patients after years of avoidance of the allergen, have shown complete relief of symptoms.

    So right now, I would to advise you to stay away from Capsicum family ie, Bell peppers, Mirchi, JalapeƱos, certain pickles etc. Also note if any allergy is present to other foods especially brinjal, tomato, etc.
    You may also carry Tab Avil with you, so that if you do happen to be symptomatic, you may take one tab and rush to the doctor.

    Please write back for further clarifications.
    Live healthy.
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    Red chillies and red chillies powder cause allergy. If cure is not possible is there any medication for partial relief?
  3. Hi. Thanks again.
    Yes there is an immediate cure for the symptoms. Not for the condition itself. Kindly refer to my above consultation regarding the medications and OTC Tab Avil.
    It involves certain medications which have to be prescribed by the doctor. So please visit your nearest health centre right away.

    Live healthy.