Allergic condition with high Eosnophil count

My Eosnophil count, Alkaline Phosphatase count, trigliceride count, total RBC count, eosnophil, basophils, monocyte, Hematocrit PCV, Mean Corp Homo. Con (MCHC) and Triglyceride Count, Calcium Photometry (slightly) Total cholesterol (slightly) — are all out of normal reference range which I came to know through routine health package of tests. Currently for the past one month I seem to be allergic to something (CLOTHES WASHING DETERGENT SUSPECTED STRONGLY) as a result of which I had cough (now completely gone; but stuffy nose still there but towards normalcy – I suffered for one month with this condition. But for this, I am hale and hearty. Is there anything to be concerned about and /or do? Have never had allopathic medicines all through my life except on a handful of occasions (just anti histamines etc.) Thanks!

Allergic condition with high Eosnophil count
Family Physician

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    I can understand your concern and would suggest you to take tab alerid 10 mgs 1 at night for 3 days.

    I would appreciate if you can upload your reports so that I may guide you further with detailed analysis and treatment.