After had jaundice, increased bowel movement.

Why isn’t my stool firm? I had a jaundice 4.5 months back with a bilirubin level of 6.8. Within a month of treatment my bilirubin level got normal. But since then (since 4.5 months) my stool is not firm. As a vegan I tend to eat around 48g of fiber (for 2200kcal). If I cut down my fiber intake to 35g, my stool gets firm. So if 48g of fiber is too much why I had no problem with 48g of fiber before jaundice? Have I became fiber intolerant after the jaundice? It’s not easy for me to cut down on fiber because whatever I like to eat have loads of fiber. I have no stomach cramps, no abdominal pain, no bloating at all. I have 3 bowel movements (when intake of fiber is 48g) and 2 bowel movements (when intake of fiber is 35g), which is completely normal for me, so it’s not diarrhea.


After had jaundice, increased bowel movement.

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  1. Hello Dear, Welcome to Medimetry. You need not worry about about the condition you mentioned. If it was a problem of loose motions, it would have been a matter of concern. Stool consistency depends on kind on fiber you eat. Include insoluble fiber sources like whole grains like wheat, jowar, finger millet, psyllium, pulses in your meals on a higher side to counteract your current condition. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries.