No gestational sac. Please help

Hello Doctor, I am 29 years old and 6 weeks pregnant (42 days), unfortunately in ultrasound we couldn’t see gestational sac, took 2 consecutive Beta hCG , but results were not so good it was 309 (1st day of test), 312 (after 2 days), since there was no doubling of hCG doctor suggested for termination of pregnancy.┬áSo she has suggested to take 2 tablets of Cytolog 200 mg , as doctor instructed I have taken that on 39th day of my pregnancy after my breakfast, but so far there is no bleeding just slight cramping, I have told the same to my doctor but she asked me to wait for 2 more days, but I am really worried about this, its been almost 72 hrs after the tablets. Is this ectopic pregnancy?

Why am I not responding to tablets? Do I need to under go for any other type of abortion? Will this affect my future pregnancy? after how many months we should try for pregnancy? After termination how do i need to take care of my health?Please give your suggestions doctor, really I am getting depressed of these questions?

No gestational sac. Please help
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  1. Hello Dear,

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    As per your HCG LEVELS, pregnancy does not seem fine but definitely ectopic pregnancy should be ruled out. After taking pills for abortion some patients bleed even after 10 days but stay in touch of a gynaecologist for check up and advice as treatment varies from patient to patient. You can try for conception after a months of abortion. Take healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.

    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back to us with follow-up questions.
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