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    As per your query spots on face are result of extra sebum produced by sebaceous glands to keep skin oily and clogged pores of your skin. When the pores become clogged the sebum produced by sebaceous glands collects inside and results into black spots and rashes. I would suggest you use mild scrub and gently massage your skin this will perform the function of cleansing and exfoliation ,apply benzoyl peroxide on face to make it bacteria free and oil free , your face to soften the pores of your skin. You should avoid use of heavy makeup and sunscreen products,have some vitamin C and E supplements to make your skin texture better and apply aloe vera gel. You can also use metallic extractor . Keep your face free from dust ,wash your face with mild face-wash twice daily and cover your face while going outside .If condition still persists then contact dermatologist .

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