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    -> Acne/Pimples is more common in the age group of 13 - 30 years. Males are more frequently affected than females due to androgen activity.
    -> Use face wash to clean your's important to wash your face twice or thrice daily to remove dead skin, toxins, dart and impurities, dead skin cells,and extra oil from your skin's surface.
    -> If you have oily face, use salicylic acid based face wash to clean your face. Don’t use soap, because it can cause extra dryness on face.
    -> Avoid scrubbing your skin with scrubber or creams because it can cause micro-trauma to skin which may end up with redness and pigmentation.
    -> Apply Moisturizer. Many acne products contain ingredients that too oily or too dry to apply over skin. For acne prone skin, choose water based moisturizer.
    -> Increase the intake of citrus fruits such as oranges, grapes, lime and lemon and other food stuff which are high in vitamin C and zinc.
    -> Drink plenty of water.
    -> Do not pick or squeeze the pimples as this causes infection, pigmentation and scarring.
    -> Avoid stress factors.
    For Hair Fall
    The treatment of hairfall typically consists of usage of oral medication (Finasteride) and topical lotion (Minoxidil ). The dosage and duration is decided according various factors.Get yourself evaluated with dermatologists
    The procedures like PRP therapy which may accelerate the rate of hair growth. PRP needs multiple sessions roughly at 6 weeks intervals.PRP therapy is increasingly being accepted by dermatologists all over the world.