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    Treatment options for acidity include lifestyle changes and medications. Lifestyle changes means having your meals on time, having 4 to 6 small meals a day instead of 3 heavy meals, no or less intake of fatty or spicy food, avoid street food, junk food or food from unknown sources, start to quit smoking and alcohol, or you may socially drink after a small meal. Do not lie down immediately after a meal. Control excess stress by yoga or meditation.
    Otherwise you may go for medications which include Rantac 150 mg, one tab thrice a day, 20min before meals, for two weeks. Or you may consider Pan 40 one tab once a day 20min before breakfast.

    Stool infection would have to be treated at the nearest health centre, who after proper investigation would suggest a line of treatment. Please do take deworming tablet Albendazole, once every three months.

    Please do reply back if any further clarifications are required.
    Live healthy!