Abortion due to improper baby formation.

I’m 6 months pregnant now. During 2nd month, I started taking SUSTEN-200 injection for every alternate week. During the middle of 2nd month, I had slight bleeding. Then I was advised SUSTEN-200 injection for every week for first 3 months. The injection frequency changed to every alternate week during 4th and 5th months. After completion of 5 months, they stopped my injections. I was also advised to take duphaston 10mg and Folsafe 500mg during the 5 months.

Currently i am taking calcium & iron tablets & since last 2 weeks I am also taking Mama’s best milk powder. I also had a previous medical report of abortion in the year April’ 2011 because of improper baby formation. Since I am a first time mom, so I would also like to hav normal delivery. How can I avoid cesarean delivery? I also recently had TIFFA scan. Can I have idea about baby’s state and what food should I eat? What exercises I should do and how much should I rest? Please help me as i’m quite curious to have answers to all the queries. Thank you so much in advance!



Abortion due to improper baby formation.
Obstetrics & Gynae

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  1. Hello Dear,

    Thank you for writing to us at MediMetry.

    Susten is progesterone supplement and it is not harmful at all during pregnancy.

    Regular scanning as recommended by your doctor will keep check on baby's state and baby well being.

    Do s n don'ts
    1. Take small frequent meals.
    2. Avoid hot spicy food, alcohol, smoking.
    3. Cut on caffeine and eating out esp unhealthy.
    4. Walk or exercise with expert advice daily for 30 to 45 min.
    5. Visit your doctor regularly as per schedule and get investigations and Ultrasound done as per advice.
    6. Take adequate rest of 8 hrs a day.
    7. Avoid prolonged standing, bending n lifting wt, exertion, wearing high heals, and travel with caution with doctor s advice.
    8. Avoid any infection, constipation, trauma, and when ever any issues visit your doctor without delay.
    9. Stay stress-free and follow healthy diet with proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and iron and calcium supplements for extra needs.
    10. Seek opinion of your doctor for vaccination during pregnancy.
    11. Preferably sleep on sides than straight. Use pillows under or between your legs for comfort.
    12. Count fetal movements daily for monitoring at home.
    13. Do not ignore any symptoms and consult your doctor.
    14. Pelvic exercises can be done with expert advice in 3rd trimester which are helpful in normal labour.
    15. Do not worry about mode of delivery as it is decided on many factors when time comes.

    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back to us with follow-up questions.
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