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    Abdominal pain in this period of pregnancy is common usually due to stretch of ligaments due to increased uterine size. It's usually relieved on rest. Other cause can be exertion, prolonged standing, wearing high heals, lifting weight, urinary tract infection or vaginal infection. Threatened preterm is another risk if associated with pain in low back and thighs with or without bleeding from vagina.
    Avoid aggravating factors as listed above. Take adequate rest. Walk regularly and de-stress yourself other than a normal physical work that does not lead to discomfort.
    Small frequent meals which are balanced in nutrition should be taken. Avoid tea, caffeine, hot and spicy food.

    Weight loss sometimes occurs in first three months and now on concentrate on healthy diet. Normal wt gain during pregnancy in an average BMI female is 11kg. Constipation should also be avoided by taking plenty of fluids, high roughage diet like fruits, salads and whole grains.

    Focus on having a healthy and balanced diet along with proper rest. It does not mean bed rest. You should keep yourself active with disciplined exercise routine yet avoid any activity causing discomfort.

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