Abdomen pain and not having periods from last two months

I’m Kate. Everything was normal before I had sex on 13th May 2016, it was a safe sex, I had white thick thing in my vagina after sex, I later felt hot, tired and on the 14th as well. Then it was normal until the 19th of May where my stomach started to hurt, I was feeling bloated and I was feeling uncomfortable. Then I had safe sex again on 20th May, after sex my stomach was hurting and I felt tired. Next day I felt like throwing up. On 23rd i felt same like throwing up and back pain too, on 24th i was feeling pain in abdomen, like I felt swollen, i felt tired to even walk like my feet. That day I had little bleeding and browinsh spots. on 25th my back hurted, and same pain in abdomen and I had little bleeding and browinsh spots again on that day. On 26th i felt pain in abdomen. Next day I was feeling dizzy all day, head was hurting too and l had just a little line of blood in urine. l had sex only two times earlier in my life.

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  1. Hello, please elaborate on what's the actual health problem which is troubling you so that our doctors can help you. Thanks !
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    Last time l had my regular periods from 19th April to a week, so it was supposed to come on 19 or 20th May, but they haven't come yet.

    I had one day period in June. It lasted in morning and I showered nothing no more in day.
    I had no periods in July and nothing till now.

    I pee alot sometimes. In less then 5 minutes, i pee three to two times. Sometimes it hurts and I get some discharge.

    I feel lightheaded sometimes.
    I feel constipated, burning sensation in stomach and feel bloated. I'm having headache.

    I'm having these pains continuously from last 2 months :- left leg pain, pain in pelvic area on the left, lower back pain left to walk. Pain is in only left side. I can't even lay, sleep, sit. It hurts really very bad sometimes. I also have some tenderness in left side.

    Kidney problems run in my family. I don't know if i have kidney stones too. I have low blood pressure too.
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    So the main problem is that I'm not having periods from last two months. I took 3 pregnancy test at home and all were negative.

    I was having really bad pain in left side as I told u, so I went to doctor and I told them everything. They did ultrasound and pregnancy tests too. My pregnancy test results were negative.

    The doctor said :- WBC comes in your urine because u have slight infection and it's a flank pain but nothing to worry about.
    Doctor prescribed me antibiotics (800 mg three times in a day)

    I'm taking antibiotics continuously, but there is no relief in pain. And there is no symptoms of periods.

    Now can u please tell me why i am not having periods and why i am having very bad pain in left side. Tell me treatment please.
  4. Good evening Sachin.Thanks for consultation
    Please get an USG whole abdomen done urgently to exclude extra uterine pregnancy and or other pelvic pathology and renal stone as well.
    Get the following invesigation done as well
    1.Urine for RE and Culture sensitivity.
    2.Blood for TC.DC.ESR Hb%,PPBS,Thyroid profile and Serological tests.
    Plesse let me know
    1.What precautions you took to prevent pregnancy.
    2. Your height ,weight,marital status.
    Without proper invesigaion it won't be possible to prescribe any medicines now.
    Presently you drink plenty of water and take
    1Syr.Neeri 2tsf thrice daily with half glass water x 1ph.
    2.Tab.Pantop D 1 tab early in the morning.
    Best wishes.