9 yrs old having bed wetting.Why?

My son have started bed wetting from the last 1 1/2 years. He is now 9 yrs old. We have consulted child specialists, have done all the the tests all things are alright. Doctors told my son to do bladder exercise. Is there any ayurvedic treatment for the same or exercise is the only treatment.


9 yrs old having bed wetting.Why?

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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us.Poorly functioning bladder or a congenital abnormality of bladder and kidney system ,diabetes mellitus,malfunctioning of hormone Vasopression are few possible causes of bed wetting at this age.A urine examination,urine osmolality,blood sugar,ultrasound kidney ureter bladder are few basic tests to be done.I suggest that avoid giving him fluids after 7 pm.Bladder exercises do help to teach the child to hold urine for longer periods of time . Encourage him to drink lots of liquids during day.Have child practice holding urine for as long as possible in day time.Keep a record and encourage him to do so.If these things do not help you may discuss about Desmopression Nasal spray with your doctor.It helps in retaining water losses from our body.A hospital assessment is necessary before prescribing it.Do not worry.Continue with bladder strengthening exercises.That will help.Hope this information helped you.Take care and best wishes!