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    By far the most common cause of coughing is a viral infection, when the cough usually happens as part of a cold. Young children get 6-12 colds a year. The next most common cause of coughing is asthma. Usually toddlers gets frequent episodes start getting these episodes once they start going in playways or crèche or any group settings. This is because of exposure to various common viral pathogens.

    When to see your doctor about a cough
    - the cough goes on for longer than a week or two after a cold
    - the cough starts suddenly
    - the cough is interfering a lot with your child’s sleep or daily life
    - your child has any difficulty with breathing
    - your child also has a high fever
    - your child’s skin changes colour, and turns blue or very pale.

    Tests for cough
    Most children with a cough don’t need any tests. A doctor can usually work out what the cause of the cough is by taking a careful history of your child’s cough and any other symptoms, and also by examining your child. The doctor might order a chest X-ray if your child has had pneumonia or to make sure your child hasn’t inhaled something. A blood test might help doctors work out whether there’s a serious infection present.

    Treatment for cough

    a. The most common cough is the one that follows a cold, and it doesn’t need any specific treatment. Most children don’t need antibiotics either. This is because a virus caused the original infection, and antibiotics treat only bacteria. This kind of cough is probably caused by the irritation in your child’s respiratory tract, rather than an infection.
    b. If your child’s cough is caused by asthma, it can be treated with anti-asthma medication, but this treatment depends on your child’s symptoms and the age of your child.
    c. Tobacco smoke can make your child’s cough worse, so keep your home smoke-free.
    d. Cough medicines and expectorants (medicines that are supposed to help you cough up mucus from your lungs and airways) don’t make any difference to a cough.
    Usually a cough following a cold will improve with time, no matter how you treat it.

    Cough prevention

    If your child’s cough is caused by asthma, you can usually prevent it with appropriate treatment.
    You can minimize the risk of inhaling foreign bodies by not letting toddlers and infants eat nuts or play with small objects that they can easily inhale.

    Honey and vaporizers are not advisable in babies in less than one year. Special attention to their hydration and should be offered plenty of liquids. And as at this age child starts picking up things with pincer grasp. Special attention for foreign body inhalation is required and needs to be evaluated if any history of sudden chocking or cough bouts without usual cold and fever or any voice change.

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