8 month old baby having difficulty in digestion?

My baby boy is 8 month old. His weight is 7 kg. Whenever I give a solid food during the day he poops. Also when I give drinking water to him, at the similar time he is passing urine. I am worried about it. Is it normal? Or some kind of digestion or liver problem please tell me.


8 month old baby having difficulty in digestion?

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  1. Hello and thank you for writing to us on Medimetry.It is possible that he is starting with teething .During this time infants try to put all toys in mouth and this can lead to infections.Diarrhea can be due to any viral ,bacterial infection,food allergy etc.Take care that he doesnt put anything like toys or anything on ground in his mouth. Give your baby khichdi,mashed bananas and curd.Increase his intake of water and fluids to avoid dehydration.If the symptoms persist I suggest that he will need evaluation and a stool test.I hope this information helped you.Please keep me posted on his health.Good day!