7th month old baby’s growth, weight and activities.

My son is 7 months now and his weight is 7.4 kg. He got his first tooth when he was 3.5 months and has not got any other teeth after that but and since his first teeth the pace of putting on weight is reduced. I notice that he is super active all the time, smiling and I have no complaints on his behavior. But he has not started sitting yet and he just started crawling backwards since a week. Its been a month that I started him on semi-solids but he doesn’t like that much. I followed the procedure of giving same lunch & same dinner for a week and then change the menu but he does not seem to like it.

I have been hearing from elders that he should have started sitting now and crawling, he looks very thin and sleek. But if I see the same age kids and my son is super active and always up to something. Not that I am comparing my son with other kids but if I compare him with himself I see lots of changes and improvements. He is very active, joyful, playful, attentive child .

Is he growing well?


7th month old baby’s growth, weight and activities.

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    Weight is with in normal limits but in lower end of normal. Sitting without support comes around 8 months. So no need to worry much about development.
    About his eating solids, Most babies push the food out of their mouth for a little while when they start learning to take food from the spoon. This is normal and does not mean they don't like the food. It may take many tastes before a new food is accepted.

    In the beginning offer a breastfeed (or infant formula) first then try a small amount of solid foods. You may like to wait an hour after a feed to give your baby solid foods. Begin with a smooth consistency and progress to thicker and lumpier textures as soon as your baby is eating a range of smooth foods.
    Start by offering once a day, and then two to three times a day as your baby gets used to solid foods.
    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back with follow-up questions.
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    Thank you so much for your response! This is really helpful.