78 years old suffering from high BP : Sugar etc ,can i avoid some of these medicine ?

I am 78 years old lady and before one month back l was suffreing from high B.P. , high sugar , very uneasyness repeatedly ( ghabrahat)  Dr. Prescribed me the following medicines. 1. Glynase MF. – One tab. before breakfast and one tab. before evening meal (daily) 2. Galvus met 50mg/500mg – One tab. before lunch (daily) 3. Dilzem 60 – One tab. before breakfast and one tab. before evening meal (daily) 4. Tide 5 – One tab. before breakfast (daily) 5. Telmekind 40 – One tab. at 9 PM (daily) 6. Ecosprin AV 75 -One tab. at 9 PM (daily) 7. Pantakind 40 – One tab. at 8 AM before breakfast (daily) 8. Nurokind OD – One tab. at 9 PM (daily) My health has improved after I started taking the above medicines and now I feel very well. My query is that whether now I can reduce taking some of these medicines. If not, can you provide for substitutes for these medicines as they are costing me a lot , like Galvus met 50mg/500mg etc.

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  1. Hello,
    Welcome to medimetry.
    Thanks for the query.

    I can understand your concern and would like to let you know that you must take all the medicines that are prescribed to you.
    You can definitely substitute them as per your budget.
    You can find the substitute on various websites like 1 mg etc.
    Also you need regular check up at least 1 per month.

    Hope this helps.
    Take care!!

  2. User
    Also , Please suggest an economical and safer substitute for Galvus met 50mg/500mg for diabeties
  4. User
    I'm taking Galvus met 50mg/500mg presently. In place of that can I take half tablet of Galvus met 50mg/1000mg? Will it make any difference?
  5. No.. You can't substitute like that.