68 years old having diabetes.

Hello doctor, my grand mother is 68 years old and has ph of 8.6 and blood sugar 1  and 1/2 hours (post pradial) of 341. I want to know the better ways to improve my grand mother’s health. What should I do for her diabetes and health?



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  1. Hello Shyam. Welcome to Medimetry. This high blood sugar levels can be due the onset of diabetes in your mother either due to age, hereditary or excessive weight. Any diabetic plan should be customised. Roughly I can suggest you few guidelines that can be helpful to her. Avoid skipping meals, avoid eating junk foods, deep fried oily foods, refined foods, fruits like mango, banana, custard apple, grapes, chickoo ; cereals like sabudana etc which would raise the sugar to be completely avoided. Focus on whole grains, raw vegetables, pulses. Your mother's diet needs to be planned as per her sugar levels to get it back to normal level. You can get back to us for detailed diet plan to clear all your doubts.