6 months old baby, feeding cerelac-rice and moong daal water

Hello dr. My son is 6 months old.. n m giving him rice cerelac.. at morning n.. moong daal water at night.. is it necessary to give him water..or.. d necessity of water will be fill vd breastmilk ??. Plz i want to know d information of.. food , drink, fruits for 6 month baby…

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  1. Hello Deepika and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.Till 6 months of age baby should be given exclusive breastfeeding.It has sufficient water in it and all the essential nutrients. After 6 months of age baby should be given home based foods like well cooked mashed khichdi,dal rice wellcooked mashed .Start with 1 teaspoon and gradually increase the amount.If baby less than 6 months is on formula feeds baby may need extra water in form of sips of water .Continue with breast feeding.You may give baby fruit juices and cereal based foods suggested above by me.Sips of water may be given if baby is 6 months old.Hope I have answered all your queries.Take care and keep us posted.Best wishes!
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    Hello.. dr , i started giving him. Daal water n rice cerelac..but he always split up.. i have to give him forcefully... problem is dat how i come to know d quantity to be given bcoz he is not taking anything happily ..can u plz.. give me the diet chart for.. 6 month old baby n d quantity
  3. Hi and nice to hear back from you.At this age babies should be taking 6-8 ounces of solids but it varies in every child .Do not worry.Baby will take solids.Prefer home made foods like wekl cooked mashed khichdi compared to Cerelac .Try one cereal in one week.Take care and regards@