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  1. Thanks Neha for your question.Don't get unnecessarily worried.If urine for pregnancy test is positive just weight till 6wks get an USG lower abdomen done.Note for discharge from nipple heavyness in breast.If there is morning sickness or vomitting let me know.
    Good luck.
  2. Get first urine in the morning trsted for pregnancy if possible from a reliable laboratory with HCG titre.Is it your first ptegnancy?you have not mentioned your age .Do mention if you have any other medical problem.Avoid conjugal life for the present and don't travel now and physical labour .Take rest.If are not taking any medicine just take Only Tab Folvite 1 tab daily.
    Good luck.
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    Thx for reply. I m 31 years old and this is my first pregnancy with frozen embryo transfer done on 22 march. My beta hcg was doubled till 10 april when i done test. No tenderness is now present in my breasts. My scan is on 18 april. Only nausea is there nothing else.
  4. If you have nauses you can take Tab.Goodmon plus one daily in consultation with your doctor.avoid spicy food.Are you on Hormonal support then continue the medicines advised.
    Get your USG done and get back to me check for discharge from nipple.Don't worry much.Hope everything will be fine.
    Good luck.