46 year old women having joints pain

My mother is suffering from joints pain in each and every joint of hands and legs. she is 46 years old and all the reports of RA factor, ESR everything is normal. There is a lot of stiffness in the body. Stiffness is more when she awakes in the morning. She has continued physiotherapy for a long time and still no results. What can be the solution of this problem ?


46 year old women having joints pain

Answers ( 3 )

  1. Hi...joint pain is common problem in old age may be osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis..its good that she is having her reports normal....she must take calcium and multivitamin supplements in her daily routine ..what is the treatment she is taking from physiotherapist?
  2. She must do exercises in daily routine strictly at least two times..try to mobilise her joints as many repetitions as possible..
  3. Perform movements of joints when pain is not severe if because of pain she won't perform movement there are more chances of stiffness of joints..